Over the years I have managed to photograph a number of Britain's Game birds, including some of our rarer species.


The Red Grouse is Britain's most widespread Grouse, with many moorlands being managed for this bird. The below pictures were taken in the English Peak District in March or early April.





Below are some pictures of the much rarer Black Grouse, photographed several years ago from a hide set up at a "leck" in Speyside, Scotland.





The largest and rarest species of British grouse is the Capercaillie. Below is cock bird photographed in Speyside, Scotland in the mid 1990's.



The Ptarmigan is a bird of the mountain tops, and in the winter they have white feathers. During the spring they loose many of their white feathers and become mottled, blending in well among the lichen covered rocks of their habitat. 



The Grey Partridge (below) is a native British species. It has become a threated species in many areas, and is usually not now shot on estates that have organized shoots.




The most common Partridge on farmland is the French or Red-legged Partridge, often bred on estates for shooting.



The Pheasant is the usual bird reared and released on shooting estates, and there are several different forms of this very colourful game bird. Belwo are two different colour forms.


The above pale backed form is not one of the most common strains of Pheasant, but it is one of the most attractive.