Below is a selection of  pictures that have in recent years won awards in the Wildlife / Nature section of various International or National Photographic exhibitions.



The below three pictures have just won medals in the Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography 2011. This Boxing Hares picture took the RPS Gold medal in the digital Nature section.

The below picture of the Stag Beetle took the RPS Gold medal in the Nature Print section.

The picture of the Hummingbird Hawkmoth (below) visiting Buddleia was awarded a selectors  medal (SPS) in the Nature Prints section.

This is the first time I have entered any of the above three pictures into International Exhibitions.



The above picture of Great Crested Grebes was awarded the RPS Gold medal as the best Nature print in the RPS Nature Group exhibition in 2003. I have not entered it so far in any other exhibition.


The above Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth feeding took the PSA Gold medal in the Nature Print section of the Southampton International 2010. It has also taken several other medals and awards in other International Exhibitions.


High speed flash was used to freeze the above Swallowtail butterfly flying to a Marsh Thistle. This picture has won Gold medals in the Nature sections of several International and National Photographic exhibitions, including the Welsh International, The Royal Photographic Society's Nature Group and the Byond Group National Exhibition. 


The above picture of Boxing Brown Hares has done exceptionally well, winning a number of Gold medals in the Wildlife / Nature section of various exhibitions, including the Royal Photographic Society's International 2008, the Bristol Salon of International Photography, The Beyond Group National, and several others.


The above picture of fighting male Stag Beetles has won a number of medals in International and National exhibitions in the past few years.