Below is just a small sample of my Hoverfly pictures from my much larger collection contained in my main Photo Library. Many of these insects are mimics of Bees or Wasps, and although no Hoverfly can sting, they may well be saved from predators by their warning markings that are so similar to insects that can sting, such as the Bees and Wasps.


This Bumble Bee mimic Volucrlla bombylans is one of the most attractive British Hoverflies.


This Hornet mimic Volucella zonaria is the largest Hoverfly found in Britain.


Above Helophiius hybridus is a very attractive Hoverfly that is not as frequently seen as some of it's near relatives.


Above the rare Hoverfly Cheilosia caerulescens that turned up in my garden.


The above Hoverfly Eristalis tenax are somtimes called "Bot Flies", and are Bee mimics.


The Hoverfly above Myathropa florea is just taking flight from the Knapweed flower.


Chrysotoxum festivum is one of the Wasp mimic Hoverflies.