The Bittern is a rather special bird, being a master of camaflauge in it's reed bed home. Over the years I have managed to photograph a number of these birds either at the Lea Valley lakes on the Essex / Herts border, or at the RSPB Minsmere NR in Suffolk. In the spring of 2010 I managed to get a picture of one "booming", an event seldom seen.


Below a Bittern building itself up for a "Boom"

When it actually "Boomed" (above) it was a bit of a let down, however I was pleased to get a  picture of this rarely seen event. Minsmere NR. May 2010.


A close encounter with a Bittern. Lea Valley Park. 2003.


To see into the water the Bittern has to turn it's head on one side. Lea Valley Park. 2003.


Emerging from a reed bed in the Lea Valley Park. 2009.


A Minsmere Bittern in the open. May 2010.



A Lea Valley Park Bittern.