In mid March 2009 I made a visit to Cyprus with Bob Gibbons FRPS on one of his botanical tours, with the aim of photographing the wild Orchids and other flowers of that country. We found about 25 species of orchids in flower, and below is a selection of pictures that I took during that visit.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS


Above a spectacular display of Turban Buttercups on the Akrotiri Peninsulain in southern Cyprus, and below a sunset showing the hilly woodland of this island.



Above and below the only Gladioli species we found in flower on the trip, it is Galdiolus italicus. The best display was only a 5 minutes walk for our hotel.



Above Convolvlus betonicfolia, only found on a few occasions.

Below are pictures of a selection Orchids we found.

Above the Yellow Ophrys Ophrys melena.


The above Orphys israelitica was common in some places.



Orphrys iricolor the Rainbow Ophrys, was fairly frequently found, and is one of the more showy species.


Ophrys flavomarginata was fairly common in open forest habitats.


Ophrys bormuelleri, was another locally common species.


Above the typical form of Ophrys sintenisii, and below one with aberrant lip matkings.


Ophrys attica, the Mt. Carmel Ophrys orchid was very local, but in reasonable numbers where it occured.


Ophrys argolica the Eyed Bee Orchid (above) was locally common in several places.


Above and below Ophrys kotschyi, Kotschy's Orchid, this is one of several endemic orchids that we found, and is one of the most attractive.


Ophrys levantina Spider Orchid, another striking orchid of open woodland.


Ophrys mammosa a very common orchid that we found in many places.


Above and below close-up's of the Giant Orchid, Barlia robertianal. This was the largest orchid on the island reaching 70cm in hight.



The above group of Cyprus Green-winged Orchid Orchis syriaca is a differnt species than the one found in Britain.


Above Dactylorhiza romana Roman Orchid a locally common orchid in open areas.


The Naked-man Orchid Orchis italica a very attractive flower that was common in places.


Above a wood in the Troodos mountains, habitat of the Troodos Orchid.

Above a close up of the Troodos Orchid, Orchis troodos, and below three Dense-flowered Orchids Neotinea maculatain, both these orchids were photographed in the wood above.


The common Tree frog was heard calling every evening near the hotel, but they were only occasionally seen during the day.


We think of Cyprus as being hot and dry, but the tops of the Troodos mountain can be cold with snow and mist.


Above a huge display of Chrysanthemum coronarium growing near the wall of the Curium, Cyprus.


Cyclamen persicum was found in a number of shaded rocky areas.