The tits are one of my favourite family of birds, being easy to get to come to a feeding station, and fairly trusting when a lens is pointed at them. I show below a set of my favourite tit pictures taken in recent years.



A Crested Tit on pine branch in Scotland. I traveled up to Speyside Scotland, with this bird and Red Squirrels being my main target species in January 2009. I was pleased with my pictures of both creatures.

Crested Tits in Pine tree, Speyside, Scotland. January 2009.


The Marsh Tit is one of the less common tits, so was pleased to have this one coming to a feeding station in Northamptonshire.

Marsh Tit posing well for a picture.


I have only found the Coal Tit (above) in small numbers. In my garden one or two occasionally come, and at another woodland feeding station they are far out numbered by other Tits.


Above Great Tits in a nest box made for photography.

The Great Tit is a frequent visitor to any feeding station.


Although not as frequent at feeding stations as some tits, the Longtailed Tit comes from time to time to my feeding stations.


The Blue Tit is always at feeding stations, taking advantage of the food on offer. It is one of Britain's most attractive birds.

Blue Tit bathing.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS