The Red Fox is widespread across most of Britain, being an opportunist feeding on wild animals and birds, and taking carrion. I have managed to photograph a few wild ones from time to time. In 2003 there was an earth about a mile from my home, and the cubs posed nicely for on several occasions.



Three cubs looking to see if it is safe to come out.


A Fox cub looking at me. They were unafraid of me taking pictures of them, but the adult (below) soon detected me and ran off.


An adult wild Red Fox is always alert, and this one spotted me, but I got this picture before it ran off.


A wild fox in Suffolk on the lookout for danger as it emerges from a spinney.



A wild vixen comes searching for food.


 Fox cubs playing outside their earth. Biggleswade. 2003.


A cub stretching after emerging from it's earth.


Fox cubs playing. Biggleswade. 2003.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS