Birds of prey are always spectactular to see.




Red Kites (below) in the Chiltern Hills area have become very common and easy to get good photographs of as they fly over. It is more difficult to photograph then as they swoop down for food. I have however managed to get some satisfactory shots, and I find it pleasing to have distant out of focus trees as a background rather than sky.


Pictures of Red Kites preening are not easy to get. I used my Canon 1D Mk1V camera and the Canon 500mm f4L IS lens and a X2 extender to take the above picture.



While visiting the Bittern Hide at the RSPB reserve at Minsmere in the spring of 2010, several Marsh Harriers (below) performed an aerial display in late afternoon close to the hide, much to the delight of everyone in the hide.




The Osprey's in Florida, USA. are very unafraid of people and therefore easy to photograph, unlike the Britsih birds. They are the same species.



Sparrowhawk's (below) are disliked by many people as they are sometimes seen taking birds in gardens. This is however what they do for a living, and all part of the balance of nature.

Above a female Sparrowhawk at the Lea Valley Country Park, Essex.


A male Sparrowhawk in flight.

Sparrowhawk plucking a Blackbird.



Today it is common to see a Buzzard flying overhead in many parts of southern England. Going back 30 plus years, they were a great rarity.


A Buzzard eating a rabbit.



The sight of a Kestrel hovering is a common site as they hunt for food along road verges. This is my favorite bird of prey.


A Kestrel flying.



I have on several occasions taken a boat out from Portree on Skye in an attempt to get photographs of the White-tailed Eagle. Some times with success, other times they did not oblige. Below are a few of my favourite shots of this huge bird.



White-tailed Eagle flying overhead. It has about a 8 feet wing span. Scotland. June 2009.



All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS