The Grey Heron Ardea cinerea is Britain's largest wading bird. A predator of not only fish, but it will also feed on any amphibians and small birds and mammals that it can catch. This large graceful bird frequently takes fish from garden ponds.



A Grey Heron flying over marshland, Cumbria.



A beak made for stabbing


A Grey Heron with a Roach of about 1 lb. a nice meal!


The Heron has to put it's head on one side to see into the water.


Fishing in a shallow river it's long legs let it wade anywhere.


At nesting time the Grey Heron makes a great subject for in-flight pictures.


When this Heron changed direction I was able to get a rather different in-flight picture.



Taking in-flight pictures of Herons is good fun and fairly easy using modern AF lenses.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS