Saunders Island is one of the northern islands and besides having large numbers of Black-browed Albatross nesting on the cliffs, there are many rookeries of Rock-hopper and Gentoo Penguins, and King Cormorants. There is also a growing population of King Penguins at the Neck. Accommodation is available away from the farmstead, at the Neck and the Rookery. This is an excellent island to stay on if you want to see the above birds.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS

Rockhopper Penguin rookery at the neck, Saunders Island.


Rockhopper in mid hop.


Rockhopper Penguins.


Fighting Rockhopper Penguins.


Courting Rockhoppers.


Porpoising Rockhopper.


Showering Rockhoppers.


There is a growing population of King Penguins at the "Neck".


Courting Black-browwed Albatross,  one of the great attractions of Saunders Island.


Black-browwed Albatross on its nest.


What a mouth!


Masters of the air! Black-browwed Albatross are easy to photograph in flight.


This one flew by within a few yards of me.


Gentoo Penguins on their nests @ the Neck.


Gentoo Penguins at the Neck.


Gentoo Penguin.


Occasionally Macaroni Penguins nest with the Rockhoppers at the Rookery sight.


There are several Crested Caracara nesting sights on Saunders Island.


Scurveygrass is common on Saunders and other Islands.


Ladiy's Slippers growing in a rock crevis.



Sea Cabbage is a common plant on most islands.