A selection of pictures from Carcass Island where I have stayed several times while visiting the Falklands. Rob will make you very welcome, and the wildlife is fantastic, although not as many Penguins as on some other islands.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS

A Carcass Island view, a superb island to visit for both it's views and wildlife.


Lichens growing on the rocks add to the colour.


This streatch of white sandy beach contrasts with the rocky coastline of other parts of this island.


Pied Oystercatcher with chick.


The Tussock Bird is very trusting, mind that you do not tread on one!


Long-tailed Meadowlark, a very spectacular bird.


Mum and ducklings of the Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck.


Ruddy-headed Goose.


Photographing Geese in flight can be great fun.


Upland Geese in flight.


Unlike Snipe in the UK, Snipe here are very trusting and easy to photograph.


The Grass Wren is a busy little bird, seldom sitting in one place for long.



Cobbs Wren is endemic to the Falklands, and is very trusting on this island, making it easy to photograph.


The Black-crowned Night Heron may go fishing within a few yards of you.


Got one! the Heron has caught it's dinner.


The Falklands Thrush with a worm for it brood.


Turkey Vultures are common on all the islands.



The Turkey Vulture is not a pretty bird!


The Red-backed Hawk nests in the hilly parts of Carcuss Island and other places on the Falklands.


The King Cororant is pushing it's luck, as the Striated Caracara could easily kill the Cormorant.


A mature Striated Caracara, one of the Worlds rarest birds of prey. These birds are very plentyful on this island, and very bold, coming right up to you, and will even attack you if you go near their nest.