Below is a selection of my Reptiles and Amphibians pictures. I have many more, but this sample shows most of the species that I have.



Grass Snake flicking tongue.


A Grass Snake about to hatch from it's egg.


A newly hatched Grass Snake.


Above a female Adder attacking. It missed me!


Male Adder flicking tongue.


A male Adder .


Common Lizard sunning it's self.


Below Common Frogs spawning in my garden pond.



Above a tadpole with legs and tail, picture taken in late summer.


Many Common Frogs come to my pond during the spring.


Marsh Frog near Rye, Sussex.


Midwife Toad by a garden pond in Bedford, where they are widespread. The males carry the eggs around on their back.


Natterjack Toad @ the RSPB NR @ Sandy.


I only occasionally find Common Toads in my garden, but they breed in a pond half a mile away.



The Smooth Newts (below) is Britain's most common newt, and present every spring in my garden ponds.



Below is a male Gt. Crested Newt that dose not occur in my garden ponds, but is found widely in Bedfordshire. About ten years ago I took part in a BNHS survey of Bedfordshire ponds and managed to find them in most of the larger ponds I searched.

Above the very striking belly colour of a male in breeding condition.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS