A variety of different kinds of our insect fauna.



Dusky Birch Sawfly larvae. A print of these larvae took the RPS Gold medal in the RPS  Nature Group 2008 exhibition in the spring.



Stag Beetles fighting. This picture took the RPS Gold medal for the best Digital image in the RPS Nature Group exhibition 2008.



Longhorn Beetle Agapanthea villosovirdescens is not uncommon in my area.


Nut Weevil. The larva of this weevil feeds on Hazel nuts.



Orange Ladybird feeding on Mildew. This ladybird feeds on mildew, not aphids.




Strandline beetle, a rare species found under driftwood on the shore, Gower, Wales.


Tiger beetle Cicindela hybrida. A predator of sand dunes and the shore, Gower, Wales.


Wood Ants with prey, Maulden Wood, Beds.


All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS