The puffin is one of my favourite birds, being both photogenic and very trusting. This makes it an ideal subject for any camera man (or woman). These picture were either taken when I visited the Isle of May in 2004 or Shetland in June 2010. The in-flight shots were taken with the Canon 1D Mk11 camera and the Canon  EF 300mm f4L lens that was hand held.


Below is a selection of my favorite Puffin pictures.


Puffin with a full beakful of Sandeels. Isle of May, July 2004.


Nesting material being collected by this Puffin on Shetland, June 2010.


The updraft on the cliff side had these Sandeels defying gravity!


A Shetland Puffin doing some preening. June 2010.


A young Puffin that had not made it to the sea during the night. This was found early in the morning outside Low Light Lighthouse. After taking a few photographs, it took to the wing and landed on the sea where there were many other Puffins.

Below is a slection of my favourite in-flight shots of this bird.

The above picture was used as the cover of British Wildlife magazine in June 2005.

The above picture has been reproduced in publications several times and used as a book cover.

This Puffin pictures was used as the cover for the RSPB Brids Magazine in 2004.

All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS