While we mostly get dull damp weather during the winter time, there are times when the weather is more photogenic, and some snow or a hoar frost will make it worth while getting the camera out and taking some snaps.



Hoar frost on Hawthorn leaf.


River Swale in winter near Gunnerside 1095.


Brussels Sprouts in the snow.


Snow by the river Ivel at Biggleswade. February 2009.


Hoar frost on Willow tree by river Ivel, Biggleswade Common. A few months after taking this picture the tree was cut down!


Close up of Hoar Frost. December 2009.


Frost on Sedges in pond.


Bird wing inprints in the snow.


Winter at the RSPB nature reserve at Sandy, Bedfordshire. December 2009.

All pictures are Copyright of Richard Revels FRPS