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 A few new images from last summer and autumn are below.


 Above a male Banded Demoiselle in flight. Below a Spiny digger wasp Oxbelus uniglumis with fly prey.



Above the Black-headed Cardinal Beetle in a local wood. Below the scarce fungus Mycena crocata with back lighting.


Above the Gold and Purple micro moth Pyrausta aurata in my garden. Below a sunset from my garden in December.



Above is a shot of a Grass Snake flicking its tongue, picture taken in late June. Below another shot of the same snake.


Below a very small Pseudoscorpion from some dead leaf compost heap. The below insect has a body about 2 mm long, and soon after taking this picture it vanished down the Wood-worm hole shown just above the creature!


Below a Pantaloon Bee opening up its burrow. These bees have only been recorded in Bedfordshire for a few years but are now common around Sandy.


The above Comma butterfly egg was laid on a Hop leaf. It is about 1 mm across.

The below Bee-wolf Wasp was photographed as I took a Honey bee prey back to its burrow.


I brought out the pheromones for the Six-belted Clearwing moths and, sure enough they soon arrived. Below is one caught in flight using high speed flash.


Below a fresh Purple Emperor in Chicksands Wood, Beds. June 2017.


Above Comma butterflies on dog poo in Chicksands Wood, Beds.

Below an American Signal Crayfish which is causing major problems in our British rivers. 



 Above one of the frogs in my garden pond.

Below Marsh Marigolds in my garden pond last week. 

Above Wild Daffodils in a local wood in mid March.  

January is the month when hazel catkins shed their pollen, so I decided to try my had at photographing the pollen being shed.


Below Ash-dieback disease is effecting some young trees.


Below the Weevil Polydrusus formosus was common in mid summer on Alder leaves.

Autumn colours are showing but not in all trees. A shot of a nice Ash tree below.


 Below a shot taken in 2003 of Horse-chestnut leaves in full autumn colour.



Above Horse-chestnut leaves 2016. Below the Micro moth responsible for the above leaf damage.


Anyone want to purchase a copy of the 'Wild Orchids of Bedfordshire' book should get a copy soon, as stocks are getting low. A copy can be ordered online from the Bedfordshire Natural History Society's Website @ £23.75 including carriage. A book review by Peter Marren from British Wildlife Magazine is below.






Above the Ivy Bee Colletes hederae is now on the Ivy flower in my garden.


Above the larva of the Miden's Blush moth was found on an Oak branch Sept.2016.


Above a shot of the typical and Valazina forms of the female Silver-washed Fritillary in Gamlingay Wood NR a few days ago. 

Below a fine display of Pyramidal Orchids on the verge of the A6 Barton le Clay bypass. 


A Red Squirrel jumping in the snow, Aviemore.



Above the Hoverfly Volucella zonaria and the Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris were both found in my garden recently. Below a Adonis Ladybird and a Fire Bug, both insects found in Bedfordshire. 




In late June I spent a week photographing the wildlife and views of the Swiss Alps. To see a range of the pictures that I took open my Swiss Alps page of my Website.




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